Our Mascot


Here at Uncommon Music, we are fortunate enough to have Peanut the Wonderdog, our very own mascot.

A chihuahua / rat terrier mix, she tips the scales at just under 7 pounds, and aside from the occasional bark she’s really more cat than dog.

She loves to sleep in the sun hang around us while we listen to new records, interview artists and hammer out articles.

She came to us from a rescue in Austin and within a week was getting to meet all the stars.

She even gets to come with us to some of the shows (but never to the music part of the show – it’d be too loud) we cover where she usually steals all the attention. She’s just that cute… and fine, the pink sunglasses help, but only a little.

If you see us wandering around outside a show or festival, come say “hi!”

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