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The purpose of this site is not to tear the music apart and to criticize every third note on an album. There’s plenty of that elsewhere. And after all, these are “sounds you should be hearing.” If we don’t like something, chances are we just won’t mention it – unless it’s a fair point about something we thought would be amazing (like an off night for a usually solid performer or that bum song on an otherwise fantastic album).

Of course, that doesn’t mean that I know everything or even close to it. Corrections, opinions, and everything else are encouraged in the comments section after each post.

The concert reviews you will find here are more of a “blow-by-blow” of the event.  You already know that Bob Dylan’s voice is aging and that Stevie Nicks isn’t 28 anymore.  I tell you about the rambling story Bob shared and the verse changes Stevie made in Rhiannon.  If you just want to know which songs were played, look for the titles in bold.

As for other bits and pieces here, such as album reviews, roundups, interviews and the “Listen to” sections are to introduce you to new artists, artists you may have missed or to remind you that someone is still around.

I’m always looking for suggestions and ideas, so if you can think of someone that would fit well here go ahead and email me.

Finally, we link to iTunes as a way to legally download music – but don’t forget to visit your local, independently owned record stores once in a while too.

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