Patty Griffin’s Unreleased “Silver Bell” FINALLY Released Oct 8 – UPDATED

Silver Bell - Patty Griffin - NEW Artwork

After being shelved for more than a decade, the legendary “lost” Patty Griffin album, Silver Bell (sporting new cover art) will be released on September 24 October 8 by A+M/Universal Universal Music Enterprises.

While the album has been available to fans through an underground network of people knowing that it was essential listening to bridge the stylistic gap between Flaming Red and 1000 Kisses (which contained “Making Pies”).

Several of the forgotten songs also made appearances on Impossible Dream (“Top of the World,” “Mother Of God” and “Standing”) and in other artists’ styles — “Truth #2” was recorded by The Dixie Chicks, “What You Are” by The Greencards and “One More Girl” by The Wreckers it will be nice to hear the tracks as originally intended.

UPDATE: However, it seems that the fan-traded version has different songs and a different order with “Standing” and “Making Pies” replaced by “So Long” and “Fragile.” “Fragile” seems to be entirely unreleased among the fan community.

UPDATED: Silver Bell Track Listing (From the Official Press Release):
1. Little God
2. Truth #2
3. Boston
4. Perfect White Girls
5. Sooner or Later
6. What you Are
7. Silver Bell
8. Fragile
9. Mother of God
10. One More Girl
11. Sorry and Sad
12. Driving
13. Top of the World
14. So Long

Correction made 7.19.2013 to clarify that 1000 Kisses came out after Flaming Red and before Impossible Dream. Silver Bell was recorded after FR. Updated 7.31.2013 with new information from press release.

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