5 Questions: Kelly Hogan

Kelly Hogan by Neko Case

Kelly Hogan, notable for her angelic backing vocals and incredibly sharp wit, is in Austin this week with Neko Case for the Austin City Limits Festival (and ACL taping). In addition to the fest appearances, she will be gracing the Mohawk with her solo show Thursday night. She took a few moments from her busy schedule to answer some of our questions.

Q: When did you determine that music was going to be your career-path? Was there ever anything else that you seriously considered doing?

A: I always loved singing. Always. But my first career aspiration was to be a cartoonist, inspired by my dad’s funny drawings that he sent back in letters from Viet Nam when I was in kindergarten. That’s when I found out that “xxx” on an empty can meant that it once held alcohol. About seven years after that, thanks to KISS, I decided I wanted to be a make-up artist. I never really thought I could “be a singer” until I started playing in bars while I was a senior in high school.

Q: What superpower do you wish you had?

A: Well, being a middle-aged lady has already made me invisible, so I guess I would like to be able to fly. It feels really good in dreams.

Q: We follow you on twitter (@hoganhere) because you crack us up daily. Who cracks you up (either on twitter or IRL) and what’s the funniest twitter exchange you’ve had?

A: People who crack me up: Bill Hicks. Neko Case. Sally Timms. And I hate to admit it, but one of the funniest (and most fun) twitter exchanges I’ve had lately had to do with bad strip club names. Sometimes, on twitter and in any creative pursuit, a tight artistic confine is the most freeing. It spawned “The Babysitters Club” “Yeast of Eden” “The Blue Ballroom” and “Hammertoez”

Q: What can someone coming to your Mohawk (Austin) show expect?

A: Killer times. We have Bitter Heart Society and poet Derrick C. Brown doing their thangs, and then I get to play music with some good friends — Nora O’Connor (Andrew Bird, Iron & Wine) + Tom Lewis (Wagoneers, Heybale) + Billy Pitman (Jimmie Vaughan) We’ll play our best make-out music for y’all’s mashing pleasure.

Q: If we were to peek into your touring bag what are some of the creature comforts we would find?

A: Butt wipes. I’m not proud.

Kelly Hogan (also a guest editor at Magnet) will be at The Mohawk with The Bitter Heart Society Thursday, Oct. 10 2013.

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