The Greencards – Sweetheart of the Sun


The Greencards new album, Sweetheart of the Sun, is set to be released on August 20th. It marks the bands 6th release of new material. The band is comprised of Kym Warner (mandolin, vocals), Carol Young (vocals, bass), and Carl Miner (guitar).

It’s hard to pigeon hole the band into just one category. Wikipedia describes them as a “progressive bluegrass” band. And some of there past recordings clearly show that side of the band. But, they can also have elements of folk, country, gospel and traditional Irish music. So, the Americana band label fits them as well as any other.

Sweetheart is a beautifully produce record that is haunting with it harmony vocals and arrangements. The album was produced by Gary Paczosa and the album is best listened to as a body of work.

The themes of water (“Black, Black Water”, “Ocean Floor”) and moving from one point to another (“Travelers Song”, “Wide Eyed Immigrant”, “Boxcar Boys”) are repeated through the 12 tracks on the album.

“Black, Black Water”, and its accompanying video, showcases the ethereal nature of the album. Perfectly executed harmony vocals and understated arrangements are hallmarks of the song and the records. There are also 3 instrumentals on the record, “Paddle the Torrens”, “Midnight Ferry”, “Ride and Sway” all serve to tie the record together and move effortlessly from one song to the next.

The song Forever Mine (featuring Sons of Fathers) says

I just want to climb inside the perfect melody
And fly so high away from here
Way up to the other side
Half a mile from anywhere but here
I just want to find the time to write
and time to sail the ocean breeze

Sweetheart of the Sun would probably put you in that state of mind. Remember, I would highly recommend listening to the record as a complete body of work. A nice glass of wine would aid you in your journey.

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