Lisa Morales – “Beautiful Mistake”

Lisa Morales - Beautiful Mistake

Regrets I have none, but a recent wish for real, that I could be one of the musicians allowed to play on the next record Lisa Morales makes. Even if it’s just an unmiked tambourine down the hallway, give me some headphones!

A lot of people, I counted 15 in the credits, worked with Ms. Morales in the making of this record. They created a masterpiece.

Y’all go buy this CD. Her dedication on the inside front page provides insight into her purpose, and what she accomplished with these songs: “To those who have to lose themselves to find the stronger person inside.”

An apparently small woman, Ms. Morales demonstrates that physical size is not real size. She shows up with a quiet, a sad, a sensitive, a strong, a big voice and a big message for us all couched in the beauty of philosophical love songs, not only romantic but those other kinds of love we all encounter; soulful poetry about eternal human concerns in our contemporary lives.

The arrangements, the melodies, the excellence of the music, the musicians, and the technicians, her voice with its subtle expressiveness giving deep meaning to her words, I haven’t the gift to write it down to get across the effect the songs have had on my heart.

The way she uses language, repeats certain words or lines, the unexpected next thought, and the variety of song formats all fitting within the general realm of rock, astonishing and moving!
It’s all right if words fail me!

Disclosure: I recorded the CD on my Mac, then burned it to another disc and eliminated “I Don’t Want to Hear What You Have to Say” and “Get Me Out of Here”. They were well done for what they are, but not for everyone, i.e., your possibly too persnickty reviewer. My personal preferences don’t change the fact that this is a great record.

Musicians: Lisa Morales: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
Michael “Cornbread” Traylor: bass, vocals, electric guitar
Ron Flynt: keyboards, vocals, mellotron, piano
Mark Patterson: drums
Scrappy Jud Newcomb: dobro, electric guitar
Matt Giles: electric guitar, slide
Scott Bucklin: piano
Walt Wilkins: vocals
Dustin Welch: vocals
Hunt Sales: drums
Tcharko Jeen: electric guitar
Rick Richards: drums, percussion
Technicians: Ron Flynt engineered, Ryan Freeland mixed, Jerry Tubb mastered.
Recorded at Jumping Dog Studio, Austin, Texas
Mixed at Stampede Origin Studios
Mastered at Terra Nova Digital Audio
Photography & Design by Alexandra Valenti
The only thing I don’t understand is the hat.
Okay, there’s a lot I don’t understand.

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