Guy Clark – “My Favorite Picture of You”

Guy Clark - My Favorite Picture Of Your

If there a Mount Rushmore for Texas songwriters Guy Clark would surely be on it. He would be joined by Townes Van Zandt, Willie Nelson, Steve Earle and Lyle Lovett.

Since his debut release on Old No.1 in 1975 (one of my personal 5 best records ever) Guy has provided a steady stream of finely crafted and written recordings. The younger folks my have never heard of Guy Clark but they have definitely heard his music. More than one Nashville superstar has been influenced and recorded his music. His latest offering is My Favorite Picture of You , his first studio album in more than four years has all the qualities that make for an excellent record.

Guy is a craftsman in the finest sense of the word. His writing has always been narrative. He tells stories about wild west characters, plain ordinary people, and the people around him. Not only does he write songs without a wasted word or thought but he also builds his own acoustic guitars.

The title track “My Favorite Picture of You” is literally based on the cover art of the album. Susanna his wife of 40 years, who sadly died of cancer in 2012, looking straight into the camera and not appearing too pleased. It was all the inspiration Guy would need to pen the song that gives an intimate glimpse into their everyday lives.

The album takes on everyday themes of pride (Hell Bent on Heartache, Good Advice, and I’ll Show Me), returning from war (Heroes), and the search for a better life (El Coyote) that ends tragically. All sung in voice that shows its 71 years.

With this record Guy shows that he can still create music that is direct and meaningful. It is highly recommended and sits comfortably next to Old No.1.

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