10 Questions: Kelley Mickwee of The Trishas

The Trishas

After a very long wait, The Trishas (Kelley Mickwee, Savannah Welch, Liz Foster and Jamie Wilson) finally have released their debut record, High, Wide and Handsome. Kelley was kind enough to take a few minutes to answer our questions about becoming a band, life on the road with babies and how the Trishas love Toms.

Q: Your first full-length record, High, Wide and Handsome just came out, what took so long?

A: Well, we’ve spent the last 3 and a half years touring, writing, saving money and becoming a band. We just weren’t quite ready to make a record until now. So, we recorded 15 songs to make up for the last 3 years of waiting:)

Q: It’s interesting that most of the songs on the record are not the same ones that have been the staples of your live shows these past few years. Why were these passed over?

A: We have been playing the same 15 song set for 3 years, so we wanted to record new songs that we could get excited about performing. We hope to record those older songs such as “Empty” on a live record one day. “Drive” was released as a single in December and “Clockwork” was definitely a consideration for the new record. Just didn’t quite make it on this one.

Q: Of your songs, which are your favorites to perform and why?

A: Hmm. To be honest, its hard to choose a song that’s a favorite, it’s like choosing your favorite child. We try to bring a variety of songs and styles to our live show, so that we don’t bore the audience or bore ourselves.

Q: You guys frequently mention songwriting sessions and writing with different people, what does your creative process look like? How do you maintain what appears to be a fairly structured process?

A: One thing about the creative process is it is ever changing. That’s what keeps it creative…the lack of structure. Each of us has written in various ways, with various writers with their own style. Sometimes it’s the music first, sometimes it’s the lyrics that come first. We let the song tell us what to do.

Q: How has the sound of The Trishas changed over the past few years? Where do you see the band heading?

A: Well, we’ve kinda been learning what we want to sound like and practicing at becoming a band on stage. So, it probably seems like we’ve changed out style. We are still trying to figure it out as we go along and that has probably changed our sound over the last few years. Hopefully we will always evolve and change.

Q: What’s on your mix tape?

A: All the Toms. Tom Petty, Tom T. Hall, Tom Waits, Tom Skinner.

Q: Besides your instruments, what are the top 5 things that you must have while on the road?

A: Laptop, iPhone, Pillowpets, our Bus Blankie made by Judy Hubbard, Brandy

Q: What is your musical guilty pleasure, the one artist or album that you don’t admit to liking?

A: Well, we aren’t really embarrassed by much, especially by admitting our musical tastes and what we listen to in the van. I will say, we listen to The Judds Pandora channel on a regular basis.

Q: What is your favorite meal on the road?

A: Keeping with the Toms…Tom Kha, We love Thai food!

Q: Do you have any preshow rituals either as a group or individually?

A: We’re generally running late, getting ready last minute and the green room is usually full of babies and family, we don’t have much time for rituals:)

Q: What’s the one song you’ve always wanted to cover but never have?

A: “Breakdown” by Tom Petty

Q: Is there anything people listening to your music need to know about you?

A: We’re not as lonely, sad and as bitter as our songs make us seem. We’re actually all very happy and in good relationships. We just like sad songs and drawing from negative experiences, what can we say! Sad songs say so much.

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