Townes Van Zandt Birthday Celebration 2011 – Cactus Cafe, TX

Keeping a Cactus Cafe tradition alive, Butch Hancock and friends returned for another birthday tribute to Townes Van Zandt’s life and music.

Between the songs the audience was treated to a variety of stories (Townes being nearly arrested by some “Pancho & Lefty” loving cops, various Townes drinking tales and Butch Hancock’s dream about Townes in heaven) to keep the tribute light-hearted and full of laughter.

This year’s line-up featured the “usual suspects” – Mickey White and Donny Silverman, Gurf Morlix, BettySoo, Beaver Nelson, David Garza, Graham Wilkinson, Nathan Hamilton, Graham Weber, Sam Baker, George Ensle and Amy Cook, who played with Garza.

Set List
Butch Hancock
Buckskin Stallion Blues
Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold
Billy, Boney and Ma
I’ll Be Here In The Morning
Pancho and Lefty (with Mickey White and Donny Silverman)
Dollar Bill Blues
Blue Wind Blew
Tecumseh Valley
Place to Fall
No Deal
Mickey White and Donny Silverman
Rex’s Blues
Graham Weber
Cowboy Junkie’s Lament
At My Window
David Garza and Amy Cook
Come Tomorrow
David Garza
Tower Song
Michael Fracasso and Beaver Nelson
Loretta (with David Garza)
Don’t You Take It Too Bad
Gurf Morlix
Sam Baker
If I Needed You (with Gurf Morlix and BettySoo)

Set Two
Butch Hancock and Mickey White
St. John the Gambler
Ain’t Leavin’ Your Love
Ira Hayes
Rory and Katy Hancock
Waiting Around to Die (w/ Butch on mouth harp)
Katie-original song
Butch Hancock and Mickey White
The Catfish Song
Nathan Hamilton
Snow Don’t Fall
No Place to Fall
BettySoo and Gurf Morlix
When He Don’t Need Me
Graham Wilkinson
When He Offers His Hand
Two Hands
Darrell Gleason
The Hole
George Ensle
My Proud Mountain
The Troubadour (Song for Townes)
Butch Hancock
To Live’s to Fly
Snowing on Raton (with BettySoo, George Ensle, Mickey White)
White Freightliner Blues (with BettySoo, George Ensle, Mickey White)
Butch’s song for Townes
Pancho and Lefty (with BettySoo, George Ensle, Mickey White)

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