Lissie – Antone’s, TX

On the heels of an impressive performance at Austin City Limits Festival in October and with a fresh record, Catching A Tiger, it’s hardly surprising that Lissie’s show at Antone’s sold out. Making sure not to disappoint the crowd, Lissie and her two-man band (Eric Sullivan on guitar and Lewis Keller on bass and drums) pulled together a set of original alt-folk-rock tunes bookended by covers.

“It’s our last night of the tour, we can get crazy,” Lissie welcomed the audience after Dylan LeBlanc‘s nearly sleep-inducing opening set.

Beginning with a cover of Claude Boone’s “Wedding Bells” before starting material from her album such as “Worry About,” “Bully,” and “Little Lovin’” she kept the talking to a minimum, pausing only to tell brief stories about growing up and to fix her fingernail with superglue (“I never learned to play with a pick,” she noted). She also commented on the presence of blues legend and Antone’s fixture, Pinetop Perkins.

Throughout the show she seemed bubbly and personable, and like her songs about fear, love, heartache and coming of age, honest. And her voice, which teeters between just-about-smoke-cured ’70s California rock and country-girl-pure still has just the slightest tinge of her midwestern roots.

They ended the night with a Kid Cudi cover, “Pursuit of Happiness,” showing off their talent to bridge genres and make the song their own.

Set List

Wedding Bells
Worry About
When I’m Alone
Record Collector
Everywhere I Go
In Sleep
Little Lovin’
Oh Mississippi
Pursuit of Happiness

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Photos by Nichole Wagner

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