Toni Price – “Cherry Sunday Orchestra”

Cherry Sunday Orchestra is the new CD from songbird Toni Price, with a special bonus video, “Laignappe.” The sassy swing and jive of this recording has spirited and magical carefree warmth. It is a ritual of the lyrical love of music.

Price has an unrivaled charming gypsy vocal style. Her ingenious true joy is to sing. On Cherry Sunday Orchestra she embodies a lively, vivid delivery. Her folklore visualization transports us into a pre-WWII era found in a speakeasy. Embodying an old-school style she is at once vintage and progressive conveying a mystic mood of transition through time. On this refreshing journey she mixes optimism, mirth and melancholy into a balanced collective.

Her passionate voice places you into the center of each progressing storyline. The deliveries of sultry and smoky vocals are the secret ingredient as are the recipe of song selections.

The ensemble has co-producer Derek O’Brien providing precise electric guitar fills and riffs. Clarinetist Stanley Smith is an absolutely outstanding highlight across the entire disk. Riley Osborne plays the baby grand piano with grace and style. Warren Hood adds a targeted touch of fiddle which hits the bulls-eye. All of the acoustic guitar work is courtesy of Rich Brotherton. Robb Kidd brings the nice wispy touch of his drum brushes to the disk.

Special guests include Willie Pipkin playing electric rhythm guitar on “Bird In The Hand.” Marshall Hood adds electric guitar on the Burton Cummings selection “Star Baby.” Twin fiddles are added by Erik Hokkanen on “When You Are Near.”

Like ice cream on a hot summer day this recording is refreshing and satisfying. With its jazzy fusion the result is a dreamy delight and a first rate musical confection experience. Bon Appétit!

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