Neil Young – “Le Noise”

Neil Young issues an alert solo reverb-electric folk guitar approach on his new CD release Le Noise, produced by Daniel Lanois. The recording was Grammy nominated for the “2010 Best Rock Album.”

In eight songs he emits an electronic meaningful mindset of hesitation and desolation. Young liberates an edgy anguish laden surge across the solemn weathered grain of our brief lifespan.

Neil Young is a musical chameleon. His colorful creative career scroll is a constant itchy spur of diversity to reconcile his talent. Young does not compromise. He is defiant to the whims of pop music compliance and often an oracle ahead of the curve. As a masterful carpenter his sanctuary is a lathe used to sacrifice our musical expectations. Not every release is accessible to an audience mired in only one of his varied muses. By eschewing the mainstream mess Young has a firm yet formless freedom. This is the truest essence of Young.

Young plays the electric guitar with a sword — sharp and true. His folk-minded lyrics are coupled with an uncanny ability to create a jewel thieves snatch & grab signature by smashing artistic melodies in a wonderful unique format. Young is the shepherd of unpredictable music.

“Walk With Me” is a song about the deep emotional strength of love today and the memorable journey of old friendships. To simultaneously grasp at fleeting posthumous impressions while gently holding the loving hand of today.

Especially notable is “Love and War,” with it’s heart wrenching lyrics about praying, grieving widows, broken hearts, and the disquieting grasp perplexing humanity to understand these distressing complex opposites.

Broken promises and endless fights during an age of darkness, not light, bookend the twilight and dawn of our human awareness within “Angry World.” This track won songwriter Young the “Grammy Award for the 2010 Best Rock Song.” It is the eternal battle for the human spirit.

The freedoms, fears of life on the road, drug fueled escapes, weary loneliness and the eventual embrace of family anchor the storyline in, “The Hitchhiker.” It is the all too real tale of the personal price you pay for being a musical gypsy.

In “Rumblin’” Young searches how we can reciprocate the curative emotion in life. Internal tremors remind us all of how to listen, heal, and feel. Happiness is the selfless giving to others.

Young has a diligent vocational vow driven by confident expansion to restore our belief in the unexpected. Young’s imaginative majesty is in the rocky nuance of being true to his muse of introspection and observation. This release is a secure ear opening experience with a folk singer’s lyrics against a quivering electric blues lurid guitar touch. Enjoy!

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