Po’ Girl’s “No Shame” Tour

Canadian folk group Po’ Girl will be touring February and March to raise money to benefit two child abuse prevention organizations, the National Children’s Alliance in the USA and Little Warriors in Canada.

The “No Shame” tour, named for a song Allison Russell wrote in 2006 after learning that her abusive step-father had been released from prison, is part of a larger goal — Allison is running the Athens, Ohio marathon in April to help fund raise and bring awareness to the topic.

The idea came after a segment by The Vinyl Café host Stuart Mclean. “Stuart’s piece and the response to it, gave me the idea that perhaps I could be more actively using my past misfortune and our music to increase awareness and dialogue about the endemic issue of child abuse in North America,” said Allison. “Whatever I can do to prevent what happened to me from happening to others, that’s what I have to do. It’s my responsibility as a survivor. Not everyone is so lucky.”

Po’ Girl will be playing shows across the US and Canada, including a stop at Momo’s in Austin (Feb. 12) the Blue Rock Studio in Wimberley (Feb. 11) and a house concert in New Braunfels (Feb. 13). Visit PoGirl.net for more dates and info.

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