The Daze – “Austin Music Vol. 9” Launch

Compiling the “best of Austin 2009” into a single disc is no easy feat but the Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau has managed to do so, picking 14 genre-crossing songs from artists like Del Castillo, Jimmie Vaughn, Willie and the Wheel, Sarah Jarosz and The Daze.

At the CD launch at the Gibson Guitar Showroom we caught up with The Daze whose song “Blizzard Woman Blues” was included on the record.

Q: What is like to have your song picked for the compilation?

A: It’s quite an honor, it’s pretty amazing to be on the same CD as some of these people, like Willie and the Wheel. It’s pretty cool.

Q: What does your goal of “musical sustainability” mean?

A: It’s hard to pin down, but it’s trying to construct songs in a way that they stand up to scrutiny after time. It’s not a cheap thrill and maybe you’ll like it better after you’ve heard it twenty times. It’s to do everything whole-heartedly, because if you’re going to half-ass your way through it there’s no point, you have to put your whole self into it.

Q: What are some songs that you feel have that quality?

A: Any Beatles song, The Strokes — I think about the Strokes a lot because to me their first album is like a manifesto. Each song is barely over 3 minutes long but I’ve listened to that 35 minute segment of music more times than any double album I own or a lot of the artists I own. I listen to that more than I listen to the entire discography of a lot of artists. That album was constructed with a lot of care and you can tell by little things they do musically.

Q: What are your goals for the rest of the year?

A: Get As, balance school and business as best we can without selling one or the other short.

Pick up Austin Music Vol. 9 at Waterloo Records or Check out The Daze at

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Photos by Nichole Wagner

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