My digital revolution

Dear physical CDs in your flimsy, plastic jewel cases and inconsistently-sized cardboard sleeves,

Goodbye, farewell, adieu. It’s time to leave you behind so I can listen to my new, truer love—digital.

To be fair you should know what happened between us. It’s not your fault, really, but you’re bulky, and heavy, and you get damaged too easily on car rides. Your delicate boxes splinter and break sending you sailing towards the floor whenever I opened you and it takes too much equipment to play with you anymore.

Digital, my new beau, is compact. I can fit thousands of songs in the same footprint that a singular CD would take. I can find those songs quickly, with searches and sorting and I can even shuffle at will, no more mix tapes and burned CDs floating around in the console. I know that it’s not perfect, I do miss your inserts but to be perfectly honest, I cheated on you with vinyl, too.

I’m sure I’ll see you around town, there are few situations that you are truly the best.

And about that newer, truer love… so many extensions it can make your head spin. I prefer the FLAC format for live shows, archiving and anything else where lossless is important. But FLAC and iTunes don’t play nice so for simple listening, MP3 or its brother AAC are just fine.

When it comes to organization of the music, instead of stacks of records there are folders within folders of files on my hard drive. And to make sense of all that are genres, artists, albums, sort by fields and more. Plus, utilities like TuneUp for iTunes (both Mac and PC).

I’ve been testing it for a month or so and other than some quirks and its inability to understand my filling system it has been able to find a good chunk of the missing artwork and even figure out that “Track 01” is actually “This Train” by Ella Jenkins. Not bad. Some of the more obscure songs and artists it still can’t handle but it’s still pretty “automagic” as their site touts. If only it could query the databases over at eTree for the live music…

For better of for worse I’ve updated, caught up to the future and (most importantly) backed up, my music collection. It’s portable, sortable and searchable for that “I want to hear that one song by that one guy but I can’t remember which album it’s on or who did it but it’s called…” moments.

Though, I may have to continue my flirtatious affair with vinyl.

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