Scott Miller – Lambert’s, TX

A favorite with his quick wit, historical humor and stellar songs Scott Miller quickly filled Lambert’s with laughter and even a little holiday cheer. With his traditional “Can You Hear Me Tonight,” staring the show before several tunes from his latest LP For Crying Out Loud and its slightly older cousin, Appalachian Refugee.

Stories of railroads (“Amtrak Crescent”), gentrified neighborhoods (“Spanishburg, West Virginia”) and historical battles (“Red Ball Express,” “The Rain”) followed.

With a nod to the season he added “Yes, Virginia” from his latest release, Christmas Gift. “I don’t know why anyone’s surprised that I made a Christmas album,” he noted. “I love Baby Jesus.” He continued with his story of impending YouTube fame for his video of “People Rule,” playing a show for his mother’s favorite hospice and his favorite Texan, Sam Houston (of course, making sure to note Houston’s origins in Virginia).
“This is it,” Scott said as the show drew to a close and he returned to the stage for an encore of “Loving That Girl.” “I’m not that guy.”

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Photos by Nichole Wagner

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