Texas Tornados – “¡Está Bueno!”

Texas Tornados - Esta Bueno!

The legendary charismatic conjunto, rock, and soul of the Texas Tornados, is back in classic pureed jalapeno style. Blazing away within this meticulous collection, entitled ¡Está Bueno! meaning “It’s Good” is a genuine borderline groove.

Dedicated to Doug Sahm and Freddie Fender, the album crosses the barriers of musical culture in fine fashion. The music sizzles, it is savory, snappy, and has smooth squeeze box sounds with deep heartbeat.

Their core essence oozes a hot legacy laced tuned set balanced by an umbilical guitar extension cord directly from the original line-up of these genera blending Texas trail blazers. The unique Tex-Mex super group reunites Augie Meyers and Flaco Jiménez, with the son of the versatile Doug Sahm, Shawn, delivering a new recording, with five previously unreleased vocal performances from the legendary Freddy Fender.

The Fender contributions are a sweet tribute to the musician, who passed away in 2006. An example is the tasty ballad “If I Could Only,” which has genuine Tex-Mex fingerprints. From Doug & Shawn Sahm comes “Who’s to Blame, Senorita?,” Next, add a few Meyers songs recorded for the first time by the Tornados, such as, “Velma from Selma,” a song, “the Tornados used to do it all the time live on gigs but we never put it out, until now,” cites Meyers, a wonderful song with a pumping accordion piston. Meyer, now almost 70, also contributes, “My Sugar Blue.”

Actually, Doug introduced the traditionalist Flaco to the rock world. This quirk is played “In Heaven There Is No Beer,” which is a German polka, with the Tornados Tex-Mex touch. By making it into a bilingual, English and Spanish, song along with the German “oom-pah” sound from Flaco respects both the original and updated vision.

An unexpected inclusion is a cover version of the Bobby Charles tune, “Tennessee Blues,” performed as a Texas waltz, with the bajos and the accordion. The disk also features recordings including Tornado original musicians Louie Ortega, Speedy Sparks and Ernie Durawa.

The delightful result is a straight up Tex-Mex rock and roll record from seasoned musicians playing at the top of their game. The disk details why these musicians have a new, yet, familiar sound. The album, produced by Shawn Sahm, is on Ray Benson’s Bismeaux Records label, which faithfully delivers the legendary Tornado superb vibes.

Download ¡Está Bueno! on iTunes and visit TheTexasTornados.com for more info.
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