Paper Bird – “When The River Took Flight”

They sound something like what we’d imagine a three-way love child between bluegrass, blues and jazz – collecting strings, horns and chilling harmonies together in an amalgamation of musical bliss.

Denver-based band Paper Bird’s second full album, When the River Took Flight finds the members creating more and more sophisticated blends, utilizing all of their skills and voices.

Three female singers, Sarah Anderson and sisters Esme and Genny Patterson, consistently fill the background with doo-wop style backings and leading songs like “Lullaby” and “Yellow Sun.”

“Dead as a Dead Man’s Bones” and “Lost Boys” are among the tunes that received a reworking, originally appearing on their EP, A Sky Underground. A toned-down version of “Colorado,” a fun, banjo-infused take on visitors to the state is also included.

The other half of the band, Tyler Archuletta, Macon Terry, Paul Dehaven and Caleb Summeril take over on “Spit Spot” and “Riches to Rags.” The guys also provide most of the bands instrumental sound: banjo, harmonica, upright bass, guitar with Sarah on trombone.

Visit for more info and to purchase When the River Took Flight. Paper Bird will be in Austin at Ruta Maya coffee house Oct. 28 and at Fiesta Park for the Tour de Fat on Oct. 30.
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