Marley’s Ghost – “Ghost Town”

Marley's Ghost - Ghost Town

Marley’s Ghost, a cast of five diverse multi-instrumentalists, has issued Ghost Town, their 9th studio album. The disc has legendary Nashville producer Cowboy Jack Clement singing, playing some acoustic guitar, ukulele, and adding his songs “Got Leavin’ On Her Mind” and “Goin’ Back To Bowling Green.”

Ghost Town features well-known female vocalist Kimmie Rhodes on 12 of the 14 selections. Marley’s Ghost is a troupe, whom amalgamate many different instruments, styles and blend rich harmonies for a sound where the genus has little bearing. It is all good music to Marley’s Ghost, who provide both a hat rack and coat hook to comfort all guests.

“Goodbye To Old Missoula” is an ode to the painful reality of discovering a one-sided love a day too late. “My Love Will Not Change” has a confident delivery with a catchy accordion against the pedal steel guitar. The main oration is the acoustic and electric guitar playing of Mike Phelan.

The John Hartford tune, “Here I Am In Love Again” jangly pedal steel guitar bounce from Ed Littlefield Jr. contrasts with rippling piano work of Jerry Fletcher awaken us to falling in love as an accident. The Tim O’Brien penned, “Less and Less” reflects life’s trek to seek leaner emotional and physical baggage, “…I have been up and down the road a time or two I guess…” with Jon Wilcox on great lead vocals.

Dan Wheetmans’ baritone channels John Muir in “Light In The Forest.” A dreamy guitar line drawing us close to a lonely traveler, whose mourning melody filled memory seeks the lost whisper of a never-ending love. Within the shining yearning chorus is, “. . . look for the light in the forest, listen for the voice in the wind, and in your heart, each beat is a part, of the love that never ends. . . . ” This mid-tempo heartfelt haunting tune stirs a breeze for all lonely souls seeking sweet forgiveness.

The disk epilogue is “Don’t We All Feel Like That” outlining the timeless tactile instructions about the commonality of loss.
Their refined hybrid wide repertoire embodies a collaborative caravan of kindred spirits. Venture beyond the mainstream path and explore the distinct panoramic grasp of Marley’s Ghost. As a mysterious co-op amid a wagon train of instruments they paint a varied palate of aural color. Marley’s Ghost is uniquely nimble in their consummation of what other’s only imagine.

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