Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – Self-Titled

A record of love, lust and lost set to infectious rhythms, if Grace Potter and The Nocturnals were Fleetwood Mac, their new, self-titled record would be their Rumours–glamorous yet accessible.

Sweet and sultry in places, rough and rowdy around the edges and oozing confidence, Grace grooves through rock, R&B and ’70s pop with Catherine Popper (bass), Scott Tournet (lead guitar), Matt Burr (drums), and Benny Yurco (rhythm guitar).

Tunes like “Colors” with Grace’s gentle keys as she sings “and all the black and white turns into colors” give the record a softer, introspective side.  “Things I Never Needed,” another ballad, expresses the beauty of getting away from emotional and literal clutter.  The single, “Tiny Light” sits between the rockers and the ballads.

The sure-fire hits, however, are the rocking, sultry numbers that mix perfectly with Grace’s shimmering, short dresses and the band’s playful stage presence. “Medicine,” invokes Stevie Nicks with mentions of a gypsy woman with mystical powers of seduction, that is until Grace takes those powers and uses them herself.

“One Short Night” is an account of some of the trials of being in a relationship, namely infidelity á la the Fleetwood Mac hits “Dreams” or “Go Your Own Way.”

The album’s opening track, “Paris,” is downright sexy, redone, updated version of the song from This Is Somewhere with a few lyrical changes and an even sultrier bass line and blistering solos.

“Hot Summer Night” and “Goodbye Kiss” settle into funky grooves, drawing from rock and reggae respectively. They’re songs to play in the car with the windows down and the volume cranked.

Wisely produced by Mark Batson, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals is a record that sounds just as good live as it does on your stereo. We highly recommend catching the band on their summer tour.

Download Grace Potter & The Nocturnals from iTunes and visit for tour dates.

Also, after you’ve purchased the record, make sure to check out for a plethora of live recordings.

Watch the “Tiny Light” video from YouTube.

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