Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband – Fox Theater, CO

Driving into town from Salt Lake City, the five-piece band headlined a show at the Fox Theater with the South Austin Jug Band and White Iron Band.

Hey, Hey, Hey

“How are you guys doing tonight?”


“This is a good dancing tune,” Ryan said. He talked about how they had driven in from Utah and that it was a “good trip, but a little long” but at least they had good weather unlike the South Austin Jug Band and White Iron Band who had come in from Aspen. He also said something about where they had eaten, Illegal Pete’s, about which he said, “good burritos if I do say so myself.”

Rain Fall Down

An instrument stand fell off the stage and someone handed it back up to Ryan who said, “Thanks, I appreciate it, he came to my rescue.” At this point a woman in the audience handed him a pink feather boa and he said, “Thanks, I’ve always wanted a pink boa.”

Ryan introduced Craig as “Banjo Libre” and said, “this is a an audience participation song. I’m sure you’ll be happy to oblige.”

(during which he asked, “anyone want to take the challenge of biggest howl?” The woman who had given the boa stepped up and he gave it back saying “pink’s no my color” before she took a turn howling. Another woman took a turn and then a final howl was given by another audience member.)

“This is a song called ‘If You Could Live A Different Life’”

If You Could Live A Different Life

Low Rider
(which started as a bass solo and then one by one the rest of the band started adding parts on the bass until all five of them were playing the bass together.)

“You want a violin song? This is the most requested violin song of all time.”

Someone shouted out “Freebird!” and Ryan said, “The fiddle song called ‘Freebird,’ how did you know?”

Devil Went Down to Georgia (Charlie Daniels Band)
(Complete with theatrical reenactments from the band and various lyrical changes including the devil going to Colorado, instead of Johnny the boy’s name was Albert Einstein and various dances including the Chicken Dance and some break dancing.)

“Well, we have a couple announcements,” he said. He introduced the birthday girl, Mary, who had given him the boa and then said that someone else had seen them at the Olympics.”

An audience member said they wanted to hear a ‘real banjo’ and Ryan said, “That is a real banjo, Craig built it himself. Who is this heckler down in front? Security, security. In all seriousness, Craig actually built that banjo. By request, ‘If I Were a Bird.’”

If I Were a Bird

“Over on guitar and high, high harmonies doing some flat-picking” Ryan said introducing Roger. “We found him near Area 51 with a note pinned to his chest saying his code name is Centipede. He was given to us by the government. If you take a picture of him, the picture won’t come out. We do know he’s one heck of a guitar player.”

“This is a song abut a kid who used to live at our house.”

Two-Year-Old Attitude

“Oh, you want to hear the Corndog Song? By request, I didn’t know you knew that. This is a song about America, a song about first love, a song about food, mostly corndogs. It’s a sing along, so feel free. No, no you’re obligated, no excuses.”

Corndog Song

“Thank you very much, thanks for the request. I heard someone call out this song, we’re gonna play it. Then we’re gonna finish off the set with a request for Bonnie here. A lot of people tell us this song helped them through some hard times.”

Dream Big

Ryan introduced Bart as the “man who doesn’t speak English” but had overcome that obstacle.

“One more song for you. Thanks for coming out, sign up on our email list and we’ll let you know when we’re coming back and we can do this again sometime. You guys have been great, thanks a lot, we’re Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband.”

Banjo Boy

After a short break they came back out and Ryan said, “Thank you very much. We’re gonna do one more song for you because the masses demanded it. Someone requested a fiddle song, this is a straight up, forked ear, fast fiddle song.”


“Thank you. Thank you.”

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Photos by Nichole Wagner

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