Rufus Wainwright – Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, CO

Son of Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle, Rufus’ closing set on Friday helped make the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival a family affair for the Wainwright kids as his sister Lucy had performed earlier in the afternoon at the Folk Showcase.

With his grand piano and operatic voice, Rufus was an unexpected choice for the folk-centric festival but he was a crowd favorite.

He began his set with Going to a town which he dedicated to the health care debate and went into Complainte de la Butte, having been inspired by Madeleine Peyroux’s show.

After a quick spritz of bug spray he continued with his hour and a half set which included Greek Song, I’m Not Ready to Love, California and Dinner at Eight.

And while he kept the audience laughing, one of the better moments was a joke about how Lucy was in the songwriter’s competition and that she hadn’t won so he was going to get her name and tell his dad so that she’d end up with a horse in her bed. He continued on to talk about how there ought to be a “Folk Father” movie like the “Godfather” because it was “getting a little ridiculous” how many Wainwright-McGarrigle-Roche’s there were in the music world.

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Photos by Nichole Wagner

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