Reed Foehl with the Be Good Tanyas – Boulder Theater, CO

Celebrating the release of his new album, Once an Ocean, Reed Foehl headlined a concert at the Boulder Theater featuring Frazey Ford and Trish Klein of the Be Good Tanyas, Jefferson Hamer and John Raham.

With various candles and lamps set up on the stage, the atmosphere was more like a living room than a theater, with most of the audience sitting on the floor in small groups.

The evening was started by the talented Moody Sisters from Lyons. Their set included The Water Is Wide, a cowboy swing tune Twice the Loving and Oh Papa, a bluegrass take on a blues riff.

Trish Klein and Frazey Ford of the Be Good Tanyas took the stage next, with Trish commenting that her tuning was “good enough for rock ‘n’ roll.”

Frazey said that the weather “is exactly like where we’re from (Vancouver),” before introducing their first song, “This is a song I wrote about my grandmother after she died.”

After I’m Gone
(with Jason Dilg on fiddle)

…you’re all grown up, got a baby in your arms…

“This song is called ‘Lost Together,’ it’s about my parents who were hippies and draft dodgers and escaped to Canada and that tragedies that ensued,” Frazey said. While Trish tuned her banjo she added that it was also about the things that as a parent you wish you could change.

“I wish there was a tuning elf that ran out and tuned,” Trish said. She continued on about how when she’s up on stage tuning there’s all sorts of pressure and that “suddenly you can’t tune and everybody thinks you’re a retard, I tune all the time!”

Frazey said, “It’s a banjo, it’s not supposed to be in tune.”

Lost Together

…I like you better…can’t think can’t use my mind…

“That’s a jam about having a crush,” Frazey said. “Aren’t crushes the best?”

…sparks flew up to heaven…

…I know that a person sometimes just has to be free…

“This is a gospel song,” Frazey said. “I call it a gospel song.”

Gospel Song (aka Untitled)

“We have one more song for you, written by a Canadian,” Frazey said. “We’re gonna get Reed up here to sing with us. Reed flew us out here to do this show with him and we’ve had a really great time meeting all his extended family and friends. We were up ’til two. I was on the drum kit.”

“It’s true,” Reed confirmed.

Out on the Weekend (Neil Young)

“Thank you, I’m Frazey Ford and this is Trish Klein. Thank you very much.”

Reed’s set started with Where You Been

During the song one of his guitar strings broke, forcing him to switch out guitars.

“This is quite nice, thanks for coming,” Reed said. “Thanks for coming. It feels good in here. It’s quite fitting – this guitar I played in Acoustic Junction for 10 years and sold it to my friend Putnam and now I’m getting to play it again.”

While You Wait

Once an Ocean

“Jefferson Hamer on acoustic guitar,” Reed said. “We’ve got to tune a second, thanks to The Moody Sisters. We’re gonna do another song from the new record featuring Jefferson Hamer on acoustic guitar again. This is an old one from Acoustic Junction that we revamped.”

Goodbye World

“For those of you who don’t know by now, there’s a new record called ‘Once an Ocean.’ We recorded it in Vancouver and had lots of fun and lots of good company. I brought this guy with me and it turned out to be one of the better decisions of my life.”

“He hasn’t asked to marry him, yet,” Frazey said.

“He gave me a promise ring,” Jefferson joked.

“I liked him so much, to make him say ‘yes’ I decided to cover one of his songs on the record,” Reed said.


Only In Your Arms

“Frazey Ford and Trish Klein on vocals!”

The rest of the band left the stage and Reed said, “Make sure I’m in tune since I don’t have any cover up.”

“Nice lamps!” someone shouted.

“You can thank Mike Ligon from Home Vibes Presents for those.”

“Nice ass!” someone else called out.

“Thank you very much,” Reed laughed.

St. John’s Smith Square

“I’d like to bring out a dear, dear friend, he’s been playing some shows around,” Reed said. “He used to be in the band Chief Broom, we’ve been friends since childhood. Putnam Murdock! We sat on a green couch together, both our fathers were sick with cancer at the same time and we sat on a green couch for two years writing songs.”

Indian Summer

“This is another song we wrote, John Prine is another one of our favorites – he’s playing here Saturday – we decided to write an homage to him. The first verses are about Putnam’s life and the last verses are about mine… and going home to take care of our fathers.”

Chances Are

“We’d like to bring John Raham on drums back to the stage.”


“Putnam Murdock, ladies and gents.”

All It’s Stars

“Thanks so much, thanks for coming to the CD release, we got it back there. This is Jason Dilg on violin.”

Sweet Love of Mine

“Reed usually plays that on piano,” Jefferson said. “But it would have cost $5000 to get the piano to the stage so we decided to come up with an alternate arrangement.”

Strange Days

“How about a one time for the man with the CD,” Jefferson said. “Please give it up for Reed Foehl.”

Stoned Beautiful

“Thank you all so much for coming out on a Thursday,” Reed said. He thanked the sound men and mentioned that he would be making a special guest appearance at the Walnut Room on Saturday and that he’d also be at Telluride next week, competing in the Troubadour contest.”

Campaigner (Neil Young)

“Thank you all so much! It’s a fitting way to end the night, it feels really good tonight. It’s called ‘Good Company.’ Let’s all go have a beer and party after this, it’s still early. Thank you all so much, have a great night!”

Good Company

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Photos by Nichole Wagner

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