Over the Rhine – Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, CO

Bringing their lush musical stylings to the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival for a mid-evening set, the Ohio-based Over the Rhine (Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist) ran through a series of tunes spanning their career.

They came out and started with Drunkard’s Prayer and then I Don’t Want to Waste Your Time.

“It’s been a great week for us,” Karin said. “You guys look wonderful in tarp. You make tarp sexy. I have a theory that the high-altitude makes everything sexier.”

She added they had seen Rufus Wainwright the evening before and that she had learned something about herself: “He makes me want to be a gay man.”


“There’s got to be a rainbow somewhere,” she said, referring the beginning of the rain. “It rained for Mary Gauthier’s set, I see it as a blessing.”

I’m On A Roll

“I think someone mentioned we’re Over the Rhine,” Linford said. He talked about how they grew up in Ohio and in small coal mining towns around gospel music and that there were a lot of stories about the trumpet being the sound of the world being reborn. He added that it was something to think about, “what is on God’s iPod? That should be the slogan for Song School, ‘Write music for God’s iPod.'”

Trumpet Child

“This is a trashy song that I wrote,” Karin said.

Who Am I Kidding But Me

Karin introduced the band, Jake Bradley on bass, Kenny Hutson on guitar, and Mickey Grimm on drums. “We never know when the day is going to come that he’s going to explode,” Karin joked. “He’s got a towel to clean up the mess.”


Karin talked about how a friend she had in high school was at the show and that their town’s slogan was “‘Where history meets progress.’ That’s bullshit, that’s why we left.”


“Everybody has a diagnosis and some of us have had therapy this weekend instead of a workshop. But someone in our workshop said he liked this song, this is for Paul.”


“That’s a hissy fit, that’s what we call it back home. That’s my version of a folk song or something.”

Linford said that they were working on a new record and that the pressure was on after being at Song School.

Don’t Wait for Tom

They thanked the stage crew and their traveling crew, Ms. Greer and J.P. Scott (their guitar tech/’gear schleeper’) before saying that they had played this next song all over Ohio during the election and that Ohio went blue and it was about what might happen if a couple of good songwriters were sent to the White House.

If A Song Could Be President

Linford suggested Tom Waits for the Secretary of State and Bob Dylan to take a seat on the UN.

Karin added that “after last night, Rufus Wainwright could take over health reform, he had some good ideas.”

Linford said that they were playing the Soiled Dove in Denver on November 2nd and that “for those of you who aren’t from here, that’s what they used to call the women of ill-repute, the ladies of the night.”

Cruel and Pretty

New Redemption Song

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Photos by Nichole Wagner

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