Keith Sykes – Boulder Theater, CO

Opening for Todd Snider, Keith Sykes played the Boulder Theater Friday night.

Having written songs recorded by John Prine, Jimmy Buffett, Guy Clark and dozens of others his music is familiar even to those who have never heard his name.

“It’s a pleasure to be here tonight at the beautiful Boulder Theater,”

A Very Short Time

Country Morning Music

Coast Of Marseilles

“This is a song I wrote about the time I missed a radio interview. The radio station thought I was so professional and the record company thought I was fantastic. So I wrote this song, ‘Keith Sykes is Sorry.’ Sorry about that last chord too.”

Keith Sykes is Sorry

He talked for a moment about his wife and how he had written the next song for her instead of a gift when he didn’t have any money. He dedicated it to “all you girls.”

You Are My Love

“This is a little song I wrote with John Prine. John lives in Nashville and I live in Memphis. He called and said he wanted to write a song and I said ‘Fantastic.'”

He continued talking about how they had gotten together, written the song in an hour and then went to celebrate.

“On the way home we got picked up by a couple of chicks. They were cops and they threw us in jail.”

You Got Gold

“Thank you all so much!”

She Loves To Ride Horses

“I’ve had some requests but I’m gonna keep on playing.”

He said how the next song was about when “your lady takes off for the weekend” and “you have the whole house to yourself.”

Tearing the House Down

“I wrote this song along time ago with Jimmy Buffett. It makes me feel as old as I am. It’s been a blast to play for you all.”


He gave a little blurb about his CDs for sale, saying that he used to be shy about saying anything until he went to the “Paul Thorn School of CD Selling.”

Keith’s Website and Myspace

Photos by Nichole Wagner

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