Jill Sobule & Erin McKeown – Walnut Room, CO

Under the billing “Clash of the Legends” Denver’s own Jill “The Western Menace” Sobule and Erin “The Northeast Bomber” McKeown of Massachusetts shared the stage at the Walnut Room performing for a packed Friday night crowd.

Opening with a newly composed tune about Denver and name-dropping several local celebrities (Pam Grier, The Fray, Karl Rove) Jill joked that their next song was called “Greeley.”

The Thanksgiving Broncos game received a lot of attention, “you can take the girl away from Denver,” Jill explained, showing off her new “vintage logo” shirt, “but I still love this town.”

Jill played Bobbie Gentry and said before A Good Life from her new record The California Years that every time she was in LA there was a natural disaster, “The Northridge quakes, fires, mudslides, I was stuck in traffic for hours because of the O.J. carchase… so I know the big one’s gonna come when I’m there. This is a happy song about the apocolypse.”

As the “token Jewish girl” at Saint Mary’s Academy, she called out several times to the other SMA girls in the audience and went on to tell a story about her high school reunion and how Facebook leaves “no surprises” and a Google session where she looked up all her old dates to see what they’re doing now, including Wendell Lee, the first person she “ever went all the way with.”

Friend Eric Moon, who is currently the organ player for the Colorado Avalanche, joined in with his accordion for Resistance Song and Jill’s mom, Elaine, rapped a rebuttal to Big Shoes.

A discussion about Steve Bennett and his website ensued before The Rapture and When My Ship Comes In was requested. Jill played a short ditty about Condoleeza Rice (who also attended Saint Mary’s) and ended her set with another request, Song for Sonny Liston.

Erin took the stage promptly with Slung-Lo, involving the audience in the chorus “which by definition sounds better with more people singing.”

She joked about being from Providence, RI where they have “more strip clubs per capita” than any other city and living across the alley from the “Satin Doll” and a Broncos thong that Jill has bought her as a present from the game because “sometimes you don’t have time to do wash and you have to go buy socks and underwear” before Jill joined her on The Foxes.

“There are easy songs and hard songs to write,” Erin said before The Rascal. “Easy songs include ‘You Broke Up With Me,’ ‘I’m So Sad, It’s Raining, I’m Walking.’ The hard songs are ‘I Love You,’ ‘Things Are Perfect As They Are’ and ‘I Want To Be With You Forever.’ This next song is on the easy side, it’s ‘You Pissed Me Off And Because I’m A Songwriter I’m Going To Sing About It.'”

“This gig keeps getting weirder,” Erin laughed during the audience slap solo on “The Rascal” before talking about her latest record Hundreds of Lions. “That’s what happens when you wear thongs, they’re the road to hell.”

For an encore, they played a “tribute to this great country” Neil Diamond’s America again including the audience in a singalong.

As for who won this bout in the “Clash of the Legends,” we’ll have to call it a draw.

Denver, Colorado
A Good Life
Wendell Lee
Resistance Song
Big Shoes
Mexican Wrestler
The Rapture
When My Ship Comes In
Song for Sonny Liston
What Kind of Lover Am I
The Taste of You
Santa Cruz
The Rascal
The Lions
The Little Cowboy
We Are More

Jill and Erin have several more dates together, check ClashoftheLegend.com.

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Photos by Nichole Wagner

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