Jackson Browne – Red Rocks, CO

Returning to the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater, Jackson Browne and his 5-piece band played a 2-hour set to an enthusiastic audience. Nearly four decades since his debut, self-titled record, his voice (and looks) show. little signs of aging.

He started things off with songs from his ’90s albums including I’m Alive and Barricades of Heaven before two songs from his latest album, Time the Conqueror and then breaking out his first “hit” song of the evening, Fountain of Sorrow.

Guitar tech Manny Alvarez (Bonnie Raitt fans might recognize the name, he’s been on her tours as well) joined the band for Naked Ride Home, a song that Jackson said might be his saddest song, in the “saddest of all keys, D flat.”

As the first set came to a close he played Take It Easy (which he co-wrote) saying it was “a songs I didn’t sing for many years… it was a huge song for the Eagles but I didn’t want people thinking I was doing an Eagles cover… now I don’t care.”

Jackson and his band comprised of Mark Goldenberg (guitar), Mauricio Lewak (drums), Chavonne Morris and Alethea Mills (vocals), and Kevin McCormick (bass) returned to the stage after a short intermission with Jamaica Say You Will.

Getting the audience back up on their feet with Doctor My Eyes which flowed into About My Imagination, he started playing the more recognizable songs from his extensive catalog.

After Just Say Yeah, a song written for his girlfriend (“I usually dig a big pit for myself,” he said, explaining that because her dad was in the audience he didn’t want to “sound too smug” about it, before deciding that he was too smug and thanking Dianna’s dad for bringing her up right.)

Unsurprisingly, he praised the venue several times. “There’s not too many places like this,” he said gesturing to the 300-foot rock formations (“Creation Rock” and “Ship Rock” that make the walls of the amphitheater.

“My crew is getting this down to a science,” he said after returning for an encore. “They’ve got the timing perfectly.” He talked about how people all over the world called out for the next song, “We’ve got people in Vermont calling for Redneck Friend.”

They ended the night with I Am A Patriot with an interlude of The Isley Brothers It’s Your Thing and then his ode to the roadies and fans The Load Out/Stay as a final encore.

Set List
Set I
I’m Alive
Barricades of Heaven
I’ll Do Anything
Fountain of Sorrow
Time the Conqueror
Off Of Wonderland
In The Shape of a Heart
Too Many Angels
Naked Ride Home
Take It Easy

Set II
Jamaica Say You Will
Doctor My Eyes > About My Imagination
Lives in the Balance
Going Down To Cuba
Just Say Yeah
The Late Show
For A Dancer
The Pretender
Running on Empty

Redneck Friend
I Am A Patriot > It’s Your Thing

Encore II
Load Out / Stay

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Photos by Nichole Wagner

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