Indigo Girls – Chautauqua Auditorium, CO


Perennial favorites, The Indigo Girls, played their second sold-out Colorado show at Boulder’s Chautauqua Auditorium.

Local singer-songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov opened, admitting that he was 13 the first time he saw the Indigo Girls at Appel Folk Festival in New Jersey and that “it did something pretty big” to him.

The Indigo Girls took the stage just after 9.

“Hi everybody! It’s good to be back here,” Emily Saliers said. “It’s a beautiful night and we’re joined by the awesome Julie Wolf.”

“On keyboards,” Amy Ray added.

Love of Our Lives

“It’s so good to be here,” Amy said and added that Chautauqua is in their “top three venues in the world.”

Emily agreed and mentioned the new album.

Sugar Tongue

Fill It Up Again

“I always feel like I’m in a barn when we’re here in this place,” Emily commented. “It’s because we are, that’s why.”

“Did I hear someone moo?” Amy asked.

A few people mooed and then someone shouted, “I love you!” and Emily said, “It’s mutual.”

Dairy Queen

Emily asked, “You want to sing?”

Power of Two

“We’re going to do a couple new songs for you,” Emily said.

Driver Education

“This is a happy song,” Emily joked. “The only one.”

What Are You Like

“Oh man,” Amy laughed. “I had to train for that this afternoon. I had to ride my bike up the canyon so I could sing that in the mountains. You guys are hearty people. I was with a class of YMCA boys and they were just zipping uphill. And then, they turned around and came back and every single one of them was so polite, they were like, ‘On your left, on your left.’ So sweet. Y’all are so courteous, it’s like being in the South. Ok, now I can sing.”

Get Out The Map

Become You

“That’s Sully,” Emily said, indicating the guitar tech, Lisa Sullivan. “She’s doing all the instruments. We can tell you some stories about her, but she’d get mad.”

Digging For Your Dream
“Is everybody okay? That song, you could sing it at Christmas, couldn’t you? Hallelujah!”

Second Time Around

Everything In Its Own Time

Shame on You


Ghost of the Gang

Fleet of Hope

Heartache for Everyone

I’ll Change

Faye Tucker

“We want to thank the opening band,” Amy said. “I love this guy’s music so much, he’s a man of the times – Gregory Alan Isakov! We’re going to have him come sing with us.”

Closer to Fine

“Gregory Alan Isakov, Julie Wolf,” Emily said. “Thank you so much, it’s good to be back in the game.”

They left for an encore break and Amy came out to sing Johnny Rottentail, a foot-stomping cut from her solo album, Stag.

Gregory Alan Isakov

“We want to thank you for coming,” Amy said. “We really appreciate it, thanks for coming to the show, we know these are hard times. And speaking of that, we’re working with a wonderful group called ‘Rock for a Remedy‘ to help collect food from the audiences, that’s y’all, to give to local food banks everywhere we go, to fill up the food banks, they’re running low with so many people in need right now. If you didn’t bring food, they also take donations and $1 can but ten pounds of food, they make it go a long ways, so if you can, drop a dollar in the can on your way out. We’re collecting pet food, too, for folks who can’t feed their pets. Tonight the Humane Society of Boulder Valley is here helping us out. Thanks y’all.”


Visit the for more tour dates and don’t forget to read our interview with Emily Saliers.

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Photos by Nichole Wagner

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