Todd Snider – “The Excitement Plan”

Todd Snider's The Excitement Plan

Less than a year after his Peace Queer EP, Todd Snider is back with The Excitement Plan, an “old gypsy term” that her borrowed from his dad.

As one of the folk genre’s favorite storytellers/smart-asses, Todd’s wit is in top form for the collection of 12 new tunes that he says in the liner notes are “your surefire cure for hard times.”

He sings about Dock Ellis’ 1970 psychedelic no-hitter (America’s Favorite Pastime), soldiers (Bring ‘Em Home) and the desires of a discarded newspaper (Doll Face) jumping between topics and styles with ease.

There’s also Don’t Tempt Me, a rowdy, honky-tonk duet with Loretta Lynn (she’s also the co-writer) and Robert Earl Keen’s Corpus Christi Bay.

Money, Compliments, Publicity (Song #10) gets it’s title from a quote by World War II pilot Eddie Rickenbacker. The “Song #10” part comes from it being the tenth song he wrote – which was enough to make a the record a respectable length.

The whole album is wrapped up with wishes for a “happy ending” for all the listeners with Good Fortune.

Todd will continue touring this summer with shows at the Telluride Bluegrass, Allgood, and 10,000 Lakes festivals.

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