Tegan and Sara – “Sainthood”

Tegan & Sara - Sainthood

We like to think of Tegan and Sara as twin Canadian superheroes, running around in matching bobs and capes and using their folk-punk superpowers for the good of the people.

Sainthood, the duo’s latest release, fuels this illusion with catchy melodies, indie sensibility and “they’re singing from my life’s songbook” lyrics.

Expanding their sound with the production help of Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla and Howard Redekopp to include 80s dance electronica, songs like On Directing and Alligator are nearly cheery departures from their usually dark and somewhat twisted songs.

Hell, the first single, and Northshore charge onward, filled with their signature harmonic blending and addictive two-part hooks.

An as with previous albums, reminders that love is a heartbreak waiting to happen are everywhere in vulnerable lyrics such as “My hands are tied up around these words/I wish you’d call but I know you’re out tonight,” (Red Belt) and “Hard-hearted don’t worry, I’m ready for a fight/Unnerved, the nerve, you’re nervous, nervous that I’m right,” (Sentimental Tune).

Marking the first time in their years as a band that the two have taken a collaborative look at songwriting and even with the few shortcomings (it is a little over-synthesized in places), Sainthood is another shining addition to the Quin sisters’ catalog.

Download Sainthood on iTunes.

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