Slaid Cleaves – “Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away”

Slaid Cleaves Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away

Having released only two albums of original material in the decade (Wishbone in 2004 and Broke Down in 2000), the Maine-born and Austin-based Slaid Cleaves is certainly not known for his prolific nature.

However, his newest record, Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away, is a testament to the saying “quality over quantity” providing a new set of 11 beautifully woven tunes.

The opening track Cry introduces the album title and general theme for the rest of the album with Bill Harvey providing drums, percussion, bass, guitar and piano.

There are ballads including the album’s only cover song and requisite murder song Run Jolee Run written by Ray Bonneville as well as Twistin’, a somber tale sung from the executioner’s point-of-view.

The bluegrass-flavored Green Mountains and Me is the saddest song that you’ll walk around humming for a week. The dedication to soldiers and their families features Gene Elders on fiddle and Trish Murphy singing harmony.

Others worth checking out are the slightly cynical Beautiful Thing and the softer Beyond Love and Dreams.

Some of the other musicians making appearances are Gurf Morlix Rick Richards, Michael O’Conner, Steven Foley.

Produced with Gurf, Charles Arthur, and Bill Harvey, Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away is available today, April 21 from Music Road Records.

Slaid will be hitting the road with Texas dates in May and then he’ll head west to California, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado in June and July.


Download Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away on iTunes
Visit Slaid’s website for tour dates and more info.
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