Ruthie Foster – “The Truth According to Ruthie Foster”

The Truth According to Ruthie Foster

With her sixth album, The Truth According to Ruthie Foster, the native Texan serves up a batch of tunes all seeped in her delicious blend of soul, blues and folk.

Much like the 2007 release, The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster, she gives various styles a whirl and solidly hits just about every mark.

The gentle acoustic guitar picking in Joy on the Other Side and the super funky rhythm running throughout Truth! make them two of the must-listen tracks.

I Really Love You and Dues Paid in Full do the best job of showcasing Ruthie’s stunning vocal abilities and range.

The opening track, Stone Love and the covers of A Nickel and a Nail and (You Keep Me) Hangin’ On all manage capture the sound of the ’70s without becoming over-the-top in the nostalgia department.

The only place this album really falls apart is in the cover of Patty Griffin’s When It Don’t Come Easy. The complaint is not it’s particularly bad but how close it hovers to the original, leaving the listener to imagine how great it might have been.

The Truth According to Ruthie Foster hits store shelves tomorrow. If you’re in Austin, try to catch the launch show at Antone’s or check her website and extensive list of tour dates to see when she’ll be in your town.


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