Reed Foehl – “Once an Ocean”

Reed Foehl Once An Ocean

Having spent years performing with the jam-leaning Acoustic Junction before setting out on his own musical path, Reed Foehl’s third solo album, Once an Ocean, finds him teaming up with Frazey Ford and Trish Klein of The Be Good Tanyas for a batch of ten new songs.

Reed, a Boston native who relocated to Colorado during the last moments of the ’80s, has spent the last few years touring and performing with the likes of Ray LaMontagne, Patty Griffin and Taj Mahal.

Like a sailboat on the open sea, Reed’s music floats from one destination to the next, only pausing briefly to enjoy a slight change in scenery. And the genre’s not quite indie pop or singer-songwriter folk – though it does lean toward the latter with the slight breeze of country and rock trade winds.

There are love songs (Only in Your Arms, Sweet Love of Mine), gritty melodies (Once an Ocean) and catchy hooks (Wolves, Goodbye World.)

The lush sound created by Reed with help from producer John Raham (also of the Tanyas) and guitarist Jefferson Hamer is enhanced by vocals and banjo (Good Company) from Trish Klein.


Reed will celebrate the new CD with a launch party at the Boulder Theater on 06/11 with Trish Klein, Frazey Ford, Jefferson Hammer and Lyons-based The Moody Sisters.

Visit Reed’s website and Myspace.

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