Johnny Cooper – “Follow”

Johnny Cooper - Follow

There’s an edge to Johnny Cooper’s music that sets him apart from a lot of the other 20-something musicians: it’s a little southern rock, a bit of blues, a touch country and a little unpredictable, like the red dirt roads that crisscross the area where he grew up.

Having begun his musical career at 16, playing in the nightclubs and bars of Texas and Oklahoma, his second record, Follow is the next step along the pathway to becoming a national act.

Of the 10 tracks, the lyrically heavy Somewhere in Between and the classic cheatin’ song Can’t Hold On To You jump out as “must listens.”

And the first single, Bring Me Down (which Johnny calls a “musical sucker-punch” for those who have ulterior motives in life), is remarkably catchy with the refrain “I don’t need you around/I don’t need you or your town/as far as I’m concerned you just bring me down.”

Produced by Glenn Rosenstein (Jill Sobule, Michelle Shocked) and Dexter Green, Follow is available now. Johnny will be playing shows around Texas for the rest of the year, check his schedule at

Visit Johnny’s Myspace and Facebook pages or follow him on Twitter.
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