Jen Korte and the Loss (Self-Titled)

Jen Korte and the Loss

Packed with heartbreak and passion, Jen Korte’s self-titled, debut record drifts through styles, twisting them together in a tight ball of bluesy, rootsy music.

After moving to Denver and making the open-mic rounds, Jen pulled together her band, The Loss, and set forth writing and recording (mostly live in-studio) a variety of sorrow-twinged, sharp-witted tunes.

Ranging from dreamy waltzes (Street Lights, If I…) to funky, alt-country (It’s A Little Hard, Dear), one aspect is consistent: these songs burrow into your subconscious and play on repeat throughout the day.

5am Refrain jumps briefly into the hip-hop world with Gyp Da Hyp (Paradox) making a guest appearance but then it’s back to winding harmonies with Jessica DeNicola on the heavy Pull the Plug and delicate keyboard fills on Selfish.

Jen Korte and the Loss will be performing a second CD release party (their first was in September in Denver) at Boulder’s B-Side Lounge on Thursday, Nov. 12.

Visit Jen Korte’s Myspace and Facebook pages for more info.

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