Grant Peeples – “Pawnshop”

Grant Peeples' Pawnshop

Grant Peeples will send you his latest album, Pawnshop, all you have to do is go to his website and ask. He’s trying out a new “trust” system – relying on listeners to pay him the $15 after they receive the music. And fans who like their Americana with a little character (think Ryan Bingham, Gurf Morlix, James McMurtry) should lend him their ears.

After returning to Florida from a remote Nicaraguan island where he spent 11 years, he began writing songs that said the things he wanted to hear.

He’s got a bit of an activist edge, “it’s hard to start a revolution when your face is six feet from your television,” he sings in the opening track, Searching for a Sign, perhaps the most political of the batch.

There’s some country-tinged, troubadour ballads like Leaving Her Was Easy and There’s a Bluebird in My Heart that while written by Grant, sound like they could easily have been found hiding in one of Willie Nelson’s notebooks.

The title cut, Pawnshop is a simple, stripped-down affair, just Grant and a piano. The direct delivery gives the lyrics, the most intense on the album, center stage.

Ending the record is Jesus was a Revolutionary, a bluegrassy, Southern gospel jam.

To purchase a copy of Pawnshop visit or CDBaby. The album can also be downloaded on iTunes.

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