Clarence Bucaro – “‘Til Spring”

Clarence Bucaro Til Spring

Something about Clarence Bucaro begs for a comparison to a twenty-something Jackson Browne.

It’s not the sound of his voice but the tightly crafted lyrics and lilting melodies that are consistently present in the ten songs on Bucaro’s ‘Til Spring.

Partially based on the John Fante novel, Wait Until Spring, Bandini, the larger proportion of inspiration came from his travels through Appalachia, Chicago, New Orleans, New York City, and the Middle East.

The title track and first single, ‘Til A Spring Wind Blows Again slowly starts the record before the more bluesy standout When Man Played God kicks in.

Back In The World has a bit too much of a ’70s radio feel but it’s nothing that can’t be forgiven with songs like Take My Love and Caught In A Dream Turning Real.

Other tunes not to miss are On The Map and Tirelessly Blue.


Clarence’s Website and Myspace
Clarence will be opening for the Subdudes at the Soiled Dove (3/13) and the Boulder Theater (3/14).
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