A.C. Newman – “Get Guilty”

AC Newman's Get Guilty

It’s unsurprising that A.C. Newman’s sophomore album, Get Guilty, sounds familiar.

It’s like a New Pornographer’s record, minus the rest of the gang.

Being the main songwriting influence of the band, he is largely responsible for the catchy pop-rock melodies and slightly off-beat lyrical approach that one expects from the Canadian semi-super group.

Get Guilty lacks the diversity of a NP album, though some of this is by nature of being a solo album (and therefore having Newman sing lead on all the tracks.) Backing duties fall on the shoulders of guest musicians Mates of State, Jon Wurster and Nicole Atkins.

Of the 12 tracks, Submarines of Stockholm, The Palace at 4 AM and Like A Hitman, Like A Dancer with its jumpy drum lines are the most listenable while The Heartbreak Rides and Young Atlantis seem to suffer from a bad case of the blahs.

It’s certainly not his best album, but considering the bar he set for himself with earlier material like Mass Romantic and Twin Cinema it’s not too shabby.


Download on A.C. Newman - Get Guilty (Bonus Track Version)
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