Roundup: You turn me on, I’m a radio

What do Bob Dylan, Alice Cooper and Tom Petty have in common? Other than the obvious answers (they’re all rock stars, they’re all men, they’re all unconventionally sexy) they all have their own radio shows.

There’s something about getting inside these brilliant people’s slightly twisted minds while listening to some superb music that is enlightening and quite amusing.

They’ve got their own brand of slightly-stoned humor and on occasion there’s some social commentary mixed in with the tidbits that only they could share.

It doesn’t seem like either Tom Petty or Bob Dylan would be prime candidates for a radio show. After all, both have the reputation of mumbling and rambling incoherently on-stage but somehow they get it together when the “on-air” sign lights up.

Alice Cooper actually masquerades as a honest-to-goodness radio DJ on his FM syndicated “Nights with Alice Cooper”. There’s the obligatory stories and call-ins, quizzes and giveaways. There’s a good chance of learning random facts such as Alice’s run for president, love of golf or time on the road. He even impersonates Tom and Bob in this clip (Roger is Roger McGuinn of the Byrds). He’s on weeknights, check your local listings at his show website.

If falling asleep with Alice in your ears isn’t enough, you can wake up with him too. Breakfast with Alice is on Sunday mornings.

Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour is on Wednesdays all-day on XMX (Ch. 2). His themes are random and include shoes, days of the week, baseball, coffee, cars, and jail. Each show, Dylan picks songs and stories that match the theme. Fun stuff.

Tom takes a cue from Dylan for his XM show, Buried Treasure.

Basically, he dips into his record collection and bootleg archive and spins things you’ve never heard and never will hear again. He narrates his choices with wit and quirk. It’s on all-day Thursdays on XMX (Ch. 2).

If you’re not exhausted after hours of Tom, Bob and Alice, Marty Stuart and Bill Anderson also have XM shows.

Also, Roger McGuinn runs his Folk Den with MP3s and guitar tabs for some great gems from the folk world.

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