Roundup: New Music this Spring

Eliza Gilkyson
Eliza Gilkyson

Late spring seems to be a great time to release an album.

It’s just before the summer tours start kicking and everyone’s getting out of school, the weather is getting really nice and we’re all in the mood for some new tunes.

This week’s new records include John Hiatt, Cyndi Lauper and Eliza Gilkyson.

Within the coming few weeks Emmylou Harris, Martha Wainwright, and the Watson Twins have discs hitting the shelves.

John Hiatt – Same Old Man
John’s been saying this album is all love songs, which the man knows how to write. From the looks of it, that’s exactly what the album is. Beautifully witty love songs of all variations.
It comes in both a CD and CD/DVD combo package, the later containing live performances of some hits, but nothing pertaining directly to the album.

Cyndi Lauper – Bring Ya To The Brink
If John Hiatt knows how to write a great love song, Cyndi knows how to write a pop song. It’s got a lot more echo and mix-y sound to it than something like “Shine” and definitely sounds more like “Ballad of Cleo and Joe” than “Sally’s Pigeons.” It’s something that would fit well on Top 40 or a dance station but knowing Cyndi there’s a point and reason for each song and the lyrics will redeem any overproduction. Plus it’s her first totally new full-length album in more than decade.
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Eliza Gilkyson – Beautiful World
Bringing some of the tunes she’s been playing on the road (Wildewood Spring, Emerald Street, Party’s Over and He Waits For Me) and some other new ones Beautiful World is a shining example of great Austin music. With help from her band (Cisco Ryder, Mike Hardwick and Glenn Funkunaga) and buds like Cindy Cashdollar, Julie Wolf and her brother Tony, Eliza makes a 180 from her slightly depressing Paradise Hotel album and gives us a reason to smile and keep some hope for this world.

The Watson Twins
The Watson Twins

Emmylou Harris’ All I Intended to Be and Martha Wainwright’s I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too will be out June 10th.
Chandra and Leigh Watson’s Fire Songs will be out on June 24th.

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