Rosanne Cash cancels tour dates

The first four dates of Rosanne’s spring tour have been canceled to give her more time to recuperate from brain surgery that she had in November to fix “rare but benign condition.” This means if you were planning on seeing her in Scottsdale, you’re outta luck. She won’t reschedule that particular date until next concert season at the performing arts center.

From Rosanne’s website:

The following dates in March and April have been canceled:
3/12 Palo Alto, CA Memorial Auditorium, Stanford University
3/12 Santa Barbara, CA UC Santa Barbara
4/17 Tucson, AZ UC Tucson – Centennial Hall
4/18 Scottsdale, AZ Scottsdale Center for the Arts

While Ms. Cash anticipated that she would be able to honor her touring commitments, abiding by the suggested three month recuperation time prior to resuming normal activity, surgery of this nature can have an unpredictable and patient-specific recovery period. Although this was a difficult decision, it is of utmost importance to keep the neurological stress to a minimum during recovery. According to Ms. Cash, “I am distressed and disappointed to cancel concerts. I fear I was far too optimistic in evaluating the toll brain surgery would take on my body, and the time required to heal. I am deeply sorry not to honor my commitments at this time, but look forward to making musical amends in the near future.”

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