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If She & Him were a party, I’d be the one pulling up about an hour after the “fashionably late” period ended. My tardiness caused not by hours in the salon or picking the right dress but rather by months of mental gymnastics, trying to get past the hurdle of envisioning Zooey Deschanel as a musician.

Luckily, there’s still plenty of cake to go around for all the latecomers. And it’s good cake too.

The other half of the duo, M. Ward, helps polish the icing-sweet sound of Zooey’s vocals with his guitar and production skills.

She and Him

The sound that comes out of the speakers is not the mechanical-sounding pop of most Hollywood darlings that got a record label because they were in such-and-such show. No, it’s more of a throw-back to the old Southern California sound with a little bit of a twist.

With many of the album’s tracks written by Zooey and M. the few covers tossed in (You Really Got A Hold On Me, I Should Have Known Better) make sense within the album and take on a new dimension.

The single, Why Do You Let Me Stay Here is nice, but give Black Hole and I Was Made For You a listen as well.

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