Listen to: Junior Brown

Junior at the Thirsty Ear Music Festival 2008

Most musicians are content to use the standard-issue instruments. In the case of Junior Brown, none of the available instruments fit his needs, so he created his own.

Called the “guit-steel,” Junior plays a combination of the 6-string guitar and the steel guitar which allows him to switch back and forth quickly on-stage.

A native of Indiana, but currently of Austin, Texas, Junior started out in the music industry and ended up teaching guitar at the Hank Thompson School of Country Music and then performing as the house band at the Continental Club in Austin before releasing his debut album in 1993.

His sound is a combination of country and rock, with some some surfer tunes thrown in. Songs like “My Wife Thinks You’re Dead,” “Two Rons Don’t Make a Right” and “Hillbilly Hula Gal” are laced with humor while others like “They Don’t Choose To Live That Way” have a much more serious tone.

Other projects that he has taken part in include narrating the remake of the Dukes of Hazzard and an upcoming television show based on the old-time country variety shows.

He is currently on tour, finishing off a series of shows in the Southwest (the Thirsty Ear Music Festival in Santa Fe and an appearance at the New Waterloo Ice House’s First Birthday Party in Louisville, Colo. and moving on to the East Coast and South in the next months.

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