James McMurtry – Boulder Theater, CO

Playing the second night in the Colorado portion of his tour, James McMurtry played the Boulder Theater to a Sunday night crowd of seemingly more dedicated fans.

They danced when appropriate, mouthed lyrics and applauded wildly after solos. For someone who gets minimal airplay in the area, he’s got quite a group of converts.

Local Ft. Collins band, Motor Home opened and James and band took the stage a little after nine.

James came out and asked, “how you doing? You OK? That’s great.”

Tortus Bayou

A man in the front said that he couldn’t hear the vocals and James explained to him that he was between the speakers and to hear the vocals he’d have to go over to the side because “the vocals come out over here… if you want to hear vocals you gotta go over there.”

Bad Enough

Red Dress

James took a moment to talk about the new record that “came out on Tax Day.” He said a friend of theirs was up front trying to sell it and that he’d be out there after the show too, signing and being a “bore.”

Just Us Kids

Hurricane Party

You’d a’ Thought

James said they were “gonna play all the hits,” and that there were some people up front that the next song was for.

Choctaw Bingo
during which James broke his D string, and someone launched a beer towards the stage.

We Can’t Make It Here

Ruby and Carlos
solo – no band

James introduced Ronnie Johnson on bass and Daren Hess on guitars and Tim (Woltz?) also on guitar. They started the next song, but there was a false start due to either turning issues or lyrics, or something. James said, “Let’s delete that from the record,” and started again.

Childish Things



James said that his next one goes out to the executives in Houston and that 13 service men had died in Baghdad of electrocution due to faulty wiring in the barracks by Kellog Brown and Root. “Think anything’s gonna get done about it?”

God Bless America

Fireline Road

Ruins of the Realm

James said, “Thanks for coming out, thanks to the Boulder Theater for having us here, we home we get to do this again.” He added that if “you find yourself in Austin, Texas on a Wednesday night we’re usually at the Continental Club, come see us.


Too Long in the Wasteland

For the encore, James came back out and played

Lights of Cheyenne

He said thanks and was gone.

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Photos by Nichole Wagner

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