Emmylou Harris – Red Rocks, CO

When you’ve got a show where Emmylou Harris is the opener, you know it can’t be bad.

On the first official date of her tour in support of All I Intended To Be which is scheduled for release this coming Tuesday, the very talented and beautiful Emmy played Red Rocks with John Prine.

Even though a lot of people didn’t show up to hear Emmy, the ones that were there were treated to a great show with a lot of new material.

As soon as she came out she started

Here I Am

She said that it was very beautiful and went into

Orphan Girl

She took off her jacket and apparently took off more than she wanted because she said, “I didn’t mean to take it ALL off,” and then she said that she’d have to put it on later, that it was sort of a “reverse strip.” She said that Red Rocks is the most beautiful venue in North America and maybe the world before starting

Return of the Grievous Angel

She said “thank you, that’s an oldie but a goodie.” She added that a lot of them were oldies the older she gets but they’re still good. The next song she said she stole off a George Jones record but she stole it “with pride” and that if you’re gonna steal, you should “steal from the best.”

One Of These Days

She said that she was going to have to “start getting dressed” and that she had a “little bit of a Tennessee cold” and that she hoped she didn’t “infect anyone.”
She said that she had a new album coming out, “at last,” and that if we would indulge them she really wanted to play a song by Mark Germino because there was a “catastrophic error on the liner notes,” and that she was given credit even though she didn’t write the song.

Broken Man’s Lament

She said that this next song was “another song on the record and this one I did write, no typo here.”


After a thank you she said, “We’ll go back now and do another oldie, a Louvin Brothers song that’s served me very well.” She added that she recorded it “back when I was a brunette.”

If I Could Only Win You Love

She muttered something about her clothing before saying that the next song was a title track from an album she did a few years ago.

Red Dirt Girl

We were asked to indulge them in another few songs, this one being written by Jude Johnstone of California.

Hold On

Emmy said, “This is a song I wrote with a couple of great pals two artists from Canada, Kate and Anna McGarrigle,” and that “if there was such a thing as an agnostic spiritual,” this would be it.

Sailing Round The Room

She said that this was a very special night, to be in this place where she had all these memories, and that “the only thing that would make it better is if there was a guy named John Prine.”
John came out and she said, “at least we got him,” and said they were going to do a song that as as parents they could relate to.

Love and Happiness

John left and Emmy stood there saying, “I’m verklempt.” After a few moments she said that they were “falling back on a little Stanley Brothers” and that she didn’t know what else to do.

Green Pastures

Born To Run

She introduced her band and joked that “at last, I have an accordion. I’m a simple girl and I have simple requests, I just want an accordion.”

She talked about how they had played on KBCO the day before and that they were gonna try another new song that they had played on the radio.

Not Enough

“This one might be a little more familiar,”


“We are a brand new band, and we’re still working on a name,” she said. They were working up songs that she hadn’t done in awhile and that this next one was a song she wrote “with a guy named Rodney Crowell.”

Tulsa Queen

There were some remarks made about the Hot Band that there were some great times. She said that it “feels good to have some new stuff to play.” And that there were some songs she’s wanted to do for a long time, like this Tracy Chapman song that’s been on her list for 20 years.

All That You Have Is Your Soul

She said there would be “one more new song, thank you so much for listening to the new stuff. We’ll finish out with a couple of sort of old ones.”

Shores of White Sands

Emmy with her pups

The Pearl
during which Emmy’s pups were escorted down to the stage.

She said they appreciate us just being there and they were gonna try a little spiritual.

Bright Morning Stars

Get Up John

She said thank you and the pups were brought out and she introduced them as “Dolly(?) and Keeta, my rescue dogs!” A few more bows and kisses and they were gone. Lights went up and there was no encore.

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