Cat Power – Marquee Theater, AZ

Cat Power at the
Vegoose Music Festival, 2006

She would have come on stage sometime around 9pm. She would have most likely gone straight into a song.

At some point in the first three songs she’d say it was nice to be here and thank you. She would have rambled in a long-winded but endearing way and sang some more songs.

She’d probably have jumped around a little, did a little dance and fiddled with her hair.

Perhaps she would have sang “Ramblin (Wo)Man” and “She’s Got You” to an audience who has no idea there is a Hank Williams Sr and has never heard of Patsy Cline.

After that she might could have sang “You Are Free” or she might have played “Sea Of Love” as its inclusion on the Juno soundtrack has made it her most downloaded track on iTunes.

She would have sang “Living Proof” and “The Greatest” punctuated by defiant air punches.

She would have meandered to the piano and spent a good five minutes talking about something entirely random before singing “Where Is My Love” and then gone into either “The Moon” or perhaps “Lived In Bars.”

She would have done a Bob Dylan tune and probably picked a few songs from left field that surprised everyone, including the band.

After all this she would have shrugged her shoulders in a very demure fashion, said thank you again and waved goodbye.

She’d wander out on stage again after a few minutes of encore applause. She wouldn’t rush right out as soon as she walked off, because the point of an encore is that the audience doesn’t want you to leave. She’d smile a little, think some and play one last song.

Alas, none of this happened.

In reality, the parking attendants turned away cars en masse and a line formed at the ticket window, not for will-call but for refunds. Someone had a tour bus parked at the stage door, so maybe Chan was there but was sick or otherwise unable to sing. Maybe the bus belonged to the opening band. We may never know the reason, but the show was sadly canceled**.

Photo by Nichole Wagner

**Edited to add: The given reason was that she lost her voice.

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