Carolyn Wonderland – Thirsty Parrot, CO

Tucked away on the second story of the downtown Colorado Springs bar is the stage of the Thirsty Parrot where the amazing Carolyn Wonderland played her first of four Colorado dates Thursday night.

Armed with her guitars, a mandolin called “Mandy,” “Little Lappy Kali” the lap steel and her trumpet she played two sets before being asked back for an encore.

We got there a touch late, but when we walked in Carolyn was talking about the next song being written by Terri Hendrix.

I Found the Lions

“Well, shoot. While we’re doing songs off the record,” she said. “This is as close to pretty as we get so grab your loved one or your beer and do the right thing.”

Bad Girl

She asked if anyone would “mind if I pulled out my mandolin for a song or two? She’s sitting in the corner looking all jealous. Her name is Mandy.” She added, “this is a song of mine, I hope you like it.”

Shine On

Before the next song she invited us to “feel free to sing along if you’re so inclined.”

Wind Cries Mary

She said, “This is a song that’s kinda been our hit single on our CD. Hope you love it.”


“So, you having fun right about… now?” She asked. She said that the next song she wrote with Ray Benson from Asleep at the Wheel who produced the album.

Long Way to Go

She said that they were going to take a cigarette break after the next song and to “find yourselves a drunkard or a dancing partner.”

She also said that “if of course at the end of the night you happen to find yourself flushed with money, and who is these days, and you’d like to be a patron to the arts on an immediate level, well hot damn, we’ve got CDs in a brown box.”

Judgment Day Blues

She introduced the band and gave a suggestion to “tip ever so heavily” as to avoid bad Karma.

Second Set

I Live Alone With Someone

She said, “I wanna do a boogie. That ok?”

I’m Innocent

She said, “This is a song of mine called ‘I’m the Man’ I wrote it for a telemarketer who called and asked for the man of the house. It could have been much worse.”

I’m The Man

Someone shouted out “Farmer!” and she said, “Let me see, let’s give it a whirl. Let’s all say a little prayer that she stayed in tune.”

Farmer Song

She said that the credit for that song went to Farm Aid. She asked if we were in the mood for a “hip gyrating, meet your neighbors kind of song” and said it was a song they stole from Los Lobos.

Cumbia Raza

She asked, “Having fun about now? Sweet.”

She said that this next song was popular and that “I suppose if you don’t like it…” (probably something about writing to Bob Dylan)

Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You

She said, “This is a silly song about giving up a heartache for booze if you don’t mind. I’m sure there’s an instructional video wanting to be made.”

I’m Out Sick

She said, “We’ll do another one for you, is that sweet?” Someone asked for something and she said, “I’m sorry we’re not gonna do that song.” She added “This is a pro-migration song so shake it.” There was a pause and she said, “That’s all I got.”

Walk On

She did the same plug for CDs and they left the stage. She finally came back out for an encore saying, “Aw, shucks. Tell you what, I’ll do a gospel song.” She picked up her guitar and then said, “She doesn’t seem to want to… perhaps plugging her in might help.” She plugged in the guitar and said, “That’s better than ‘Freebird.'” She told us, “If you want to, sing along.”

I Shall Not Be Moved

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Photos by Nichole Wagner

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