Carolyn Wonderland – Fox Theater, CO

Round two of the Carolyn Wonderland Adventure. She played her last Colorado date at Boulder’s Fox Theater on Monday night.

Even with the sparse audience, the band which also includes Cole El-Saleh (keyboards) and Michael “Lefty” Lefkowitz (drums) played an hour and a half set including some old favorites and a few new tunes as well.

Carolyn and company came out and she tested her guitar, saying “it sounds like it’s working.” and then “thanks for taking a chance on us.” About the songs she said, “hope you like ’em, but if you don’t they’re all short. I stole this one.”


“This is a silly song of mine, hope you like it.”

Bad Girl

She said they were going to “do a little song that’s on the new record. Whoo hoo! That’s my commercial, it’s a song I wrote with Ray Benson,”

Walk On

“Oh yes, in case you were wondering what the … we’re Carolyn Wonderland from Austin, Texas. Howdy.” She introduced Cole and Michael and said “I believe I got my breath, do you wanna be silly or psychedelic? Let’s get psychedelic.” She said something about looking under our seats, and then “we’ll, just don’t tell him, it’ll be our little secret.”

Long Way To Go

“This is a little song called ‘I’m Innocent,’ opinions vary at the very least.”

I’m Innocent

“We’re gonna do a new song, hope you don’t mind.”

Something about “come on in boy, the water’s fine… blood on hands can’t wipe it clean with oil under sand…”

She commented that her guitar was “pretty darn close to in tune, let’s tickle those keys.”

I’m The Man

She said she was going to do “a couple of songs on the mandolin if you don’t mind, I’ll do a couple for you here.”

Shine On

“Yup, pretty darn close. If you think it’s out of tune, drink faster.”

Wind Cries Mary

“Another one on the new album. By the way, if you’d like to become a patron of the arts on an immediate level, we’ve got CDs in an attractive box. Ask us how.” She added if we only had enough money to tip, then we ought to tip because we could find them on iTunes.


“A good time had by all…” She brought out her “nasty” guitar, introducing her as “Miss Leslie Pauline.”

Still Alive and Well

“You guys are so fun, thank you, thank you, thank you! On a Monday, no less. If you need a doctor’s note, then here you go.”

“I’m gonna do a song by Terri Hendrix, because I fucking love her, there you go.”

I Found the Lions

“Ow! I mean, yeah!.”

Someone said to play some Bo Diddley, she said “Some Diddley? Is that what you said? I do some Diddley.”

I Can Tell

She said they were going to “do a song by Brother Bob Dylan, so if you don’t like it, you can write him a letter.”

Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You

“Shoot. Let’s do a little butt shaking music here.”

Cumbia Raza

“I think she’s sufficiently out of tune. I think I should change guitars. One more on Miss Leslie Pauline. We’ll do a song of mine called ‘I Live Alone With Someone,’ hope you like it.”

I Live Alone With Someone

Bloodless Revolution
during which she said, “I hope you don’t mind, I put a prayer in the middle of the song.” She noted it was the “ugliest song I ever wrote,” and the prayer said that she prays every solider and serviceman would get to come home this year without having fired their weapon.

Michael (left) and Cole (right)

“I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Someone yelled a request and she said, “Do what? I did it, you missed it.”

She said she didn’t want to encourage the watching of TV but if we happened to be near a tv on November 8th, turn it on to watch them on Austin City Limits and that the had done this song and she hoped “it made the cut” because they recorded it with Shelley King (who is the official State Musician of Texas) and it was also one they sing on Easter mornings in Crawford, Texas.

Ain’t Nobody’s Fault But Mine

She said, “In case you didn’t notice, we decided to play straight through.” She repeated the CDs in an attractive box, tip the bar staff bit and said the next song was one by Bruce Robison.

Bad Girl Blues

“You’re awful nice, I can’t thank you guys enough.” She said, “I hope you guys take a chance on bands all the time.”

Judgment Day Blues

There was a momentary pause while she greeted some people and then she jumped back up to the mic to perform an acapella number, “a song about how a beer saved my life.”


And I know I keep saying it, but seriously folks, get out there and catch her live or get a few of her CDs, she’s something special.

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Photos by Nichole Wagner.

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