Buddy Miller – Antone’s, TX

After Joe Ely’s set at the Americana Music

Buddy Miller
Buddy Miller

Association party, Buddy Miller took the stage.

The “leader of the world’s greatest house band at the Americana Awards” was introduced by Tiff Merritt who said she felt she wasn’t good enough to be introducing Buddy.

Buddy opened with

Shelter Me

He said “Thanks, it’s great to be here” and that he loves Antone’s, “wherever it is.”

He introduced Brady Blade and Brian Owens on the drums and said that it’s “what you do to make sure you have a drummer, book two.”

He also introduced

Buddy Miller and Brady Blade
Buddy Miller and Brady Blade

Chris Donahue on bass before talking about his record that will be out in August.

He talked about his wife, Julie and said that she had written this next song. “I’d tell you what the name is, but I don’t know.”


He sang the Everly Brothers tune

The Price of Love

Does My Ring Burn Your Finger

Buddy talked about how he had been playing with Brady Blade for a long time and they were going to do a duet.

There were a few issues with the time, and after making sure that they were ok, Buddy joked that Brady needed a guitar or something in his hands before saying that they hadn’t done this in awhile but they’d try.

I’m Pretending

Buddy asked if Bridget (Someone?) was still there and invited her up onstage to sing

He also said something about Pastor Brady Blade producing the album but then said “I shouldn’t call you pastor. That’s your father.”

He paused saying “I have to tune a minute. Let’s do this in E tonight.” He said he was having a great time at the convention and went into

Don’t Tell Me To Stop Loving You

He thanked everyone again and said that he felt like “we desecrated the stage after Joe and Joel, but we do what we can.”

Don’t Wait

More Photos

Photos by Nichole Wagner

Edited 02.27.2009 to add Chalk as the title to the new Julie-penned song.

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