Alison Krauss and Robert Plant – Red Rocks, CO

There is no logical reason that suggests Robert Plant and Alison Krauss could become a superb duet pair. Robert Plant is heavy-metallish English rock. Alison Krauss is traditional bluegrass.

The two are essentially the oil and water of the musical world. The only more unlikely pairing would be polka and rap.

Yet, with the help of producer-extraordinaire T-Bone Burnett, they have succeeded in making an amazing album and putting on an even better live show.

On the night of the summer solstice, they brought their “Rising Sand Revue” to Red Rocks.

The band came onstage and opened with

Rich Woman

Leave My Woman Alone

Black Dog

Robert said, “Hey Red Rocks! Where have you been? Welcome to the amazing Raising Sand Revue, and this is the summer solstice edition we should really be in Stonehenge right now, the night of the longest day. It’s a special night for a lot of us and a special night for us here, ladies and gentlemen please put your together for the spectacular Ms. Alison Krauss!”

Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us

Through the Morning, Through the Night

So Long Goodbye to You

Fortune Teller

In The Mood
which segued to

Matty Groves
which went back to In The Mood

Robert yelled, “Oh yeah?!”

Black Country Woman

Robert said, “Thank you. Not sure about all this sister stuff, but I’m sure it’ll catch on. This RSR goes from country to country, city to city, rumbling across the US careening and careering across with this mixture of songs American songs and Anglo-Saxon songs.”

He added, “And the pilot of the ship, who can that be? (The crowd shouted “T BONE!”) Say it again! (“T BONE!”) I can’t hear that, who is that? (“T BONE!!!”) Ladies and gentlemen T Bone Burnett.”

T Bone took the stage for a while and sang


T Bone said he’d never been to Red Rocks before and he wasn’t sure how he missed it.

“What an act of creation this place is, huh? First by, you know, god, or whomever, and second by the WPA I guess. How’s that? Maybe Franklin Delano Roosevelt wasn’t such a bad cat after all. Anyway that was a long time ago, we need a WPA down in New Orleans now I think.”

Bon Temps Roulez

Alison came back out and sang

Trampled Rose

She took a moment to introduce Dennis Crouch and her “favorite musician in the world,” Stuart Duncan.

Green Pastures

Down to the River to Pray
during which Robert and Buddy Miller came out to sing harmonies

Killing The Blues

Robert asked if there was “anybody out there?” before saying, “back there in the island of the , the mysterious island they’re heading now to stone henge and (James someone) is in the front! Whoops! Here’s an American song talking about Stonehenge see we built a stone circle, i don’t know what you lot would do.” He said that it was a Townes Van Zandt song and that T Bone had introduced them to it.


Robert took a moment to introduce the other half of the band, “On drums the mighty Jay Bellerose and on guitar, mandolin, pedal steel and backing vocals and country music you’ve yet to experience the amazing Buddy Miller! Say it again!”

Battle of Evermore

Please Read the Letter

Gone Gone Gone
during which the original backdrop was removed, revealing a bunch of silver, glittery strands

Robert said, “see you soon!”

After the longest encore break they came back out and Robert asked if they could “swing the lights back so we can see who we’re talking to out there?”

He asked, “Are you ready to go to church? you know the summer solstice and all the stones back there that was a different kind of religion. There was no talk about Kingdom Come and the Happy Hunting Ground then but I guess we’ll do this one for all those things and all those ideas and all those peoples and all those beliefs and all that love.”

You Don’t Knock
Robert talked about the Grateful Dead and Widespread Panic and the jam bands. He said, “you people in Colorado you really like to get very loose.” Then he said that the new hero would be the Singing Fishermen.

I’m A One Woman Man
on which Buddy shared vocals with Alison and Robert

Your Long Journey
on which Buddy played the autoharp

Robert said “Come back and see us soon!” and they were gone.

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